General FAQs

Yes there is a Spinstatz app that is available for both artists and DJs. The app can be downloaded if you visit the Apple Store for iOS users and the Google Play store for Android users.

The spinrate is the amount of money that will be used to pay DJs each time your song is played in a venue. This rate can be set one time by users when a campaign is created.

A song campaign is a term we use to identify your project in our system. Each song must have its own campaign name usually the song name.

Video proof is the icing on the cake that we use to show our users that our DJs are actually playing music in venues. These videos can be accessed in your artist dashboard and downloaded any time.

Targeting is a feature that in available to campaigns of € 1,000 or more which allows users to select specific areas where DJs will be paid to play their music. This does not prohibit other DJs from playing the music it only adds extra incentive to DJs in a certain area.

Our company can be reached 24/7 via social media @spinstatz or users can send us an email at

FAQ: Artists or Music Labels

If you are interested in registering as an artist in our system you can do so by visiting the following link:

Songs are able to be uploaded only after a campaign has been created and a budget has been added to pay the DJs once they begin playing users songs.

Packages are purchased to secure your spot in our system. Once a package has been purchased a notification is sent to all of the DJs that fit the criteria of your song. These DJs will then begin to preview your music and agree to play your music in their venue. You will be notified as DJs sign up and download your music.

Users gain exposure using our system due to the sheer number of DJs working together to play your music. By using our system you allow your music the ability to be played by over 2,000 DJs. Not many artists can say, “My song was played in 2,000 venues this passed weekend.”

The artist profile is for the purpose of allowing our users to give a custom url to DJs that are not in our system. This url will allow new DJs to gain access to the music and begin playing the music in their venues.

Users can contact DJs by using the mobile app’s messenger feature. As DJs agree to play your music they become part of your DJ team. These DJs will show in a list in the mobile app and you can message them.

When a campaign’s budget has been depleted the song remains in our system and DJs can still play your music. Users are able to add more money to their campaign.

FAQ: DJs or DJ Coalitions

Any DJ that is interested in becoming a SpinStatz DJ can register free of charge by using the following link:

DJs are compensated for playing the music in our database. The more spins successful spins a DJ delivers in our system increases his or her DJ rating. Higher DJ ratings allows DJs to earn higher amounts for songs played.

Each song in our system shows the amount of money a DJ will be compensated each time the song is played. This money is added to the DJ wallet and can be withdrawn once a minimum of € 100 is reached.

DJs are required to use our desktop software of mobile app in order to be compensated while playing our music. These applications monitor the music that DJs play. When our application detects a song from our database being played the web camera is activated and a 30 second video clip is recorded and uploaded to our servers. These videos are delivered to the artists and labels as proof that their music was played.

DJs can contact artists in our system by using the mobile app messenger feature. Every campaign a DJ joins gives him direct access to the artist whose music you have decided to support. 

The rating system are points that a DJ accumulates as he or she plays music from our system. Each time a song is played whether it has money or not earns a DJ points. As points are earned higher paying levels are unlocked. These levels display songs that pay more per spin. Songs range from € 5 – € 50 per spin.

Once a DJ signed up the music in our database is visible according to the genres of music selected by the DJ. Each song can be previewed by clicking the play button associated with each song. If a DJ wants to download a song he or she can click on the song name to be taken to the detailed view. Inside the detailed view there is a simple agreement that DJs must agree and click the JOIN CAMPAIGN button. Once this is done the downloads will appear.

In order to use the SpinStatz system DJs must download and install the mobile app. Once at an event launch and log in to the mobile app using EMAIL ADDRESS and PASSWORD. Select your event or venue and start the reporter. The app runs and detects when a song from our database is played. When a song is detected the app will record a 30 second video clip and upload it to our servers (Songs must be played for 60 seconds).

DJs are paid once € 100.- or more is accumulated in their DJ wallet. When this amount has been earned DJs can issue a withdrawal request. Payments process for 3-5 business days. During this time all activity will be reviewed and funds will be released to either a Paypal account.